Hair Care Rules

Some rules are made to be broken, and others... well not so much. We’ve put together some golden haircare rules for healthy hair that should never, ever be broken.

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Hair Weather

Hair changes from day to day as a result of the weather. Particularly humidity and seasonal changes (hotter months vs colder months). The sun can cause colour to fade, breaks down the hair shaft and can also degrade the structure of your hair. No hair care products can completely protect you from this but our stylists can recommended the best products designed to help replenish and put back some of the lost moisture.


Hot Styling

There are no hair care products that can 100% protect your hair from heat damage. Hair styling tools such as blow dryers and curling or straightening irons can get to as hot as 175°C, transferring about 95°C direct to the hair. Obviously this kind of heat is going to cause some sort of damage – can you imagine this kind of heat on your skin…if you can’t do it to your skin you shouldn’t do it to your hair. Most of us use styling tools (and love them) so EverEscents had this in mind when we formulated our products; our hair care is designed to help keep the moisture in your hair so if you use styling tools at least you will know you are giving your hair something back in return, naturally.

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Brushes and Combs

Some brushes and combs are much more damaging than others, usually the softer the brush the less damage is caused. If the brush tears or pulls the hair then it is damaging the cuticle. Never use rubber bands in hair – they are a hair cuticles worst nightmare because they are destructive and can tear and chip away at the hair causing immense and un-necessary damage. Try a clip or a soft material type of band (preferably with no metal joiner).